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At Ognar we are committed to giving you more. More convenience with a one-stop hub, sourcing world-renown ingredients. More cost efficiency and flexibility with tailormade powder mixes. More freedom with no minimum orders and flexible scheduling so that you get what you want when you want it – improving your turnaround time and cash flow. And more peace of mind with total transparency, absolute integrity and an exceptional service ethic. It’s time for more. It’s time for Ognar. • Natural Flavors • Extracts • Seasonings • Milk Powders • Whey Powders • Vitamin Mixes for Energy Drink • Cake Mixes • Natural Colors • Stabilizers for Dairy Industry • Pasteurized Egg • Cocoa Powders • Cocoa Butter • Cocoa Mass • Orange Juice Concentrate • Apple Juice Concentrate • Pomegranate Juice Concentrate • Dried Fruits • Bread Improver • Antioxidants
Our story began in 2004 with a missing feeling for our mothers’ homemade jams. We started production on the basis of natural homemade jams. From the very first day of our production, we added new and different flavors to our product group without any change in quality. Our main goal was to manufacture products acccording to the international standards as well as progress in quality policies and continoues success. Customer satisfaction as our point of view, we do our best to join the most healthiest flavors we take from nature with the end user. Along with this, we are growing day by day by openning new doors in exports. We are exporting to many markets all over the world having already proved our quality. To be preferred and selected by selling points in the region with our products and service quality. To continue and protect our products’ taste and quality from the past to the present with our “natural non-additive products” slogan
Beyaz Gida has been operating since 1995 with its domestic and international experience in the fields of production, R&D and supply under five main topics: food additives, food flavor, meat additives, stabilizers and protectors. International standards form the quality parameters of our system. We work to preserve and improve the smell, flavor, appearance, structure and other properties of the food or prevent and improve the undesired changes in them during the production, classification, processing, preparation, packaging, transportation and storage of the food. Beyaz Balance of the industry with its solution oriented approach and R&D and technical assistance throughout Turkey
APM started its activities in 1998 Kucukyali ISTANBUL – TURKEY, and carries on its activities in its modern facility in Dudullu / ISTANBUL since 2003. With its experienced team and institutional structure, APM progresses rapidly in the sector and through closely approaching the national and international developments, has introduced many firsts in Bakery & Patisserie sector and continue to introduce many pioneering products to the Bakery & Patisserie sector. Whenever you see the APM® Brand name on any of product, you can be sure you’re getting the highest-quality products possible. Our 5-Star Promise is a pledge to you, that every one of our products will meet your expectations in five areas: Quality Ingredients Excellent Taste Application Versatility Exceptional Performance Dependable Support
As MEKA KIMYA, we are focused on creating unique tastes for food and tobacco sector with liquid and powder aroma solutions. By combining our product, raw material and know-how acquired from various regions of the world with our own unique recipe and way of doing business, we ensure that our customers make a difference with their products under increasing competition conditions. We provide services to the food sector in supplying liquid and powder aromas and food raw materials , especially for snack products (chips) , biscuit, confectionery, chewing gum, beverage, ice cream. For the tobacco sector, which is another core business of ours, we offer perfect quality flavors and casings for our customers which is suitable for production of Roll Your Own , Shisha Tobacco and cigarettes. In addition to the products you need, you can get technical support from MEKA KIMYA for all production stages and application methods.
Through the commercial bridge set up between Turkey and North Africa, Tabadul Dis Ticaret A.S. provides supply of aliments consisting of pulses, oil, milk and dairy products, pastes, flour, pasta and beverages from Turkey to the African countries with Libya coming first. For more than twenty years, Tabadul has been the representative of more than twenty five international brands like Coca-Cola, Arla, Tieol, Milch, Mondelez International with one of its group companies Zadana. And in Turkey, through the agency of Tabadul A.S., we are the distributor of Tarim Kredi Birlik in Libya, Nigeria, Morocco, Algiers, Chad and Mali. Our procurement and export operations in Turkey are carried out from our headquarters in Istanbul. In Libya, with our offices in Tripoli, Benghazi and Misurata, and our warehouses in four different locations we distribute goods to more than 2000 sales points with more than forty semi-trailer trucks and trucks. Within the scope of our aim to export and distribute the quality alimentary goods Turkey has to offer North Africa, we are trying to add new brands from Turkey to our existing portfolio of distributorships. We are happy to hold meetings with this aim and keep in contact with potential producers.
DOGAL KATKI , DKT Brand provides its clients with healthy, high-quality and reliable solutions that are ‘‘focused on exploring the authentic tastes of the future from the nature’’ in line with the ever-changing market needs and the new trends resulting from the post-modern era, based on its approximately 60 year experience. DKT SEASONING is a specialized company in savory flavors category. Our wide range of taste solutions covers all key snack portfolio from meaty and cheesy to spicy. n accordance with customer preferences, we can produce and develop all kinds of possible tastes&flavors from scratch. Our range is constantly in line with the fast-moving snack market requirements. Since we closely watch global trends, we align our labs and portfolio according to moves in flux.By blending the traditional tastes with the existing trends, we produce all tastes that meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers in food&snacks market. As a producer of natural ingredients, as well as natural identical our organization acts as a ‘backbone’ to deliver the products manufactured by domestic market and regional countries. We aim to expand our product ranges continuously by using an innovative approach. Using its network of suppliers from Ghana to Netherlands, France to Indonesia in order to meet all possible demands and needs of our business partners; DOGAL KATKI implements ‘‘full-fledged projects from the start to the end’’ with producers of all sizes, by offering advanced R&D facilities, purchase and sale of products that are regulated by international commodity exchanges and making long-term product contacts/connections from abroad. Searching and presenting the most suitable natural solutions to its clients with the objective of achieving a healthy future; DOGAL KATKI follows an interactive and dynamic strategy with product-focused or prescription-focused after-sale technical support.
BRCN Trade and Company Ltd. is a trade company based in Istanbul, Turkey and has a branch office located in the in the Free Zone and Free Port Area of Famagusta, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The history of the company dates way back to the export-import business launched by our founding family elders. Our business activities formerly involved import and distribution to local markets. As a result of company growth, we initially opened up to markets in Africa and then to other markets abroad to take a former state today. With an objective of “exporting a wide range of products”, BRCN Trade & Co. Ltd. has been focusing on direct international trade since March 2013. Today, BRCN Trade & Co. Ltd. conducts business with numerous countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The main working areas of BRCN Trade & Co. Ltd. are food and beverages. With our contracted local and international factories, we are able to manufacture goods under our trademark or if preferred, under the trademark of our client. In addition to the working areas of food and beverages, our company has been highly involved in the trade of pharmaceuticals since 1991. Through strategic partnerships, high level production and elevated service standards achieved as a direct result of restructuring, the company now aims to increase its business areas and deliver products manufactured both in North Cyprus and Turkey to the rest of the world.
Starting with KENT brand in 1954 BAYRAK GIDA SAN. TIC. A.S. revealed its sensitivity to human health with Europe standard integrated plant built on 10.500m2 at Organized Industry Zone in 1981. The com